Today, machine cabinets house more and more connected devices so operators can receive field data to optimize on-site operational efficiency and perform predictive maintenance. Futureproof networking solutions are key to building the network infrastructure necessary for transmitting this data smoothly and reliably.

System Requirements

  • Compact device for installations inside cabinets 
  • Network recovery mechanisms to ensure system uptime
  • Network segmentation to isolate and protect each cabinet against cyber threats
  • Real-time monitoring of the plant network status and events

Why Moxa?

Reliability & Performance

  • Compact size and industrial-grade design for cabinet installation
  • Gigabit bandwidth with fast millisecond-level network redundancy

OT Network Security

  • User-friendly NAT functionality enhances field network security and simplifies network integration

Simplified Management

  • Simplified network management with intuitive visualization software

Featured Products

NAT-102 Series
Industrial NAT Devices

  • Compact size for space-constrained environments
  • Hassle-free network access control
  • User-friendly NAT functionality

EDS-2005-EL Series
Industrial Unmanaged Switches

  • Compact size for space-constrained environments
  • Industrial-grade design with high EMC resistance
  • QoS to prioritize critical data

EDS-G4014 Series
Industrial Managed Switches

  • 8 GbE ports and 6 2.5GbE fiber ports
  • Compact and flexible housing design to fit into confined spaces
  • Millisecond-level network redundancy
  • IEC 62443-4-2 certified

MXview One Series
Next-generation Industrial Network
Management Platform

  • Visualize the network topology and status
  • Real-time alert notifications to minimize downtime
  • Easily manage and configure network devices remotely

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