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EDS-P506E Series

Brand: MOXA Model: EDS-P506E-4PoE-2GTXSFP
MOXA EDS-P506E-4PoE-2GTXSFP IntroductionThe EDS-P506E Series includes Gigabit managed PoE+ Ethernet switches that come standard with 4 10/100BaseT(X), 802.3af (PoE), and 802.3at (PoE+)-compliant Ethernet ports, and 2 combo Gigabit Ethernet ports. The EDS-P506E Series provides up to 30 watts of ..
AED 4,203
Brand: MOXA Model: EDS-P506E-4PoE-2GTXSFP-T
MOXA EDS-P506E-4PoE-2GTXSFP-T IntroductionThe EDS-P506E-4POE-2GTXSFP-T as a cutting-edge Moxa Managed Ethernet Switch is a powerful solution to meet the demands of Industrial network infrastructure and was created to handle network management and power delivery. Moxa EDS-P506E-4POE-2GTXSFP-T..
AED 4,626
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