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Rackmount Switches

Moxa's rackmount managed Ethernet switches offer granular control and advanced features that elevate your network's performance and security.  Moxa's rackmount switch models ensure you find the perfect fit for your specific needs. The Rackmount switch has covered your requirements whether you want a 24-port switch for a section network or a high-density 64-port solution for your core infrastructure. These kinds of Moxa managed ethernet switches provide features that extend beyond simple data transfer in ethernet devices. All products of Moxa industrial rackmount switches come equipped with network infrastructure features, and offer capabilities like robust security protocols, fast redundancy mechanisms for failure, and wide operating temperature ranges to withstand harsh industrial environments. This level of control in the rack mount switches empowers you to optimize network traffic, prioritize critical data flow, and ensure the smooth operation of your industrial applications including Factory AutomationMarienOil and GasPower UtilityRailway TransportationIP surveillanceRoad TransportationWater and wastewater, and MineBy segmenting your network into virtual LANs (VLANs) with Moxa's rackmount managed switches, you can separate sensitive data traffic and enhance overall network security. Moreover, features like Quality of Service enable you to prioritize bandwidth for devices carrying mission-critical data and ensure real-time performance for processes that rely on it. Explore Moxa's diverse range of rackmount switch products and discover the perfect model of ethernet switch to push your industrial network to new heights of efficiency and performance.