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Moxa EDS-2005-EL Series

Moxa EDS-2005-EL Series Introduction

The Moxa EDS-2005-EL series is one of the Moxa ethernet switches that provides a reliable, dependable, and user-friendly foundation for your industrial network infrastructure. The Moxa EDS-2005-EL series products have 5 copper ports for the simplest ethernet connection. Industrial-grade construction increases its resistance against a wide temperature range (-40 to 75°C) in harsh industrial environments where commercial-grade equipment might struggle. In addition, the EDS-2005-EL series’ rugged metal housing offers durability in demanding industrial structures. The Moxa EDS-2005-EL unmanaged ethernet switch series has been equipped with high-level EMI/EMC resistance, safeguarding it in the face of electromagnetic interference in industrial applications. This EDS 2005 EL series provides consistent and error-free data transmission for control systems. The Moxa EDS-2005-EL unmanaged ethernet series provides a cost-effective approach for connecting industrial devices, promoting seamless data flow and optimal performance within your automation operations. All the EDS-2005-EL models operate on a plug-and-play basis and cover a swift installation process with DIN-rail mounting and minimal downtime. With a focus on scalability and ease of deployment, this Moxa unmanaged ethernet switch caters to diverse industrial needs, offering flexibility in network expansion and maintenance. This ease of use and rapid deployment make this switch a good choice for industrial applications in Factory Automation.

Brand: MOXA Model: EDS-2005-EL
MOXA EDS-2005-EL IntroductionThe Moxa EDS-2005-EL series offers a cost-effective solution for your industrial network with its robust connectivity features. The Moxa EDS-2005-EL unmanaged Ethernet switch is a powerhouse in industrial network infrastructure, designed to deliver seamless and r..
AED 350
Brand: MOXA Model: EDS-2005-EL-T
MOXA EDS-2005-EL-T IntroductionThe Moxa EDS-2005-EL-T unmanaged ethernet switch is a robust and reliable networking solution designed specifically for industrial environments. With a wide operating temperature range from -40°C to 75°C, this switch can withstand harsh conditions. Thi..
AED 508
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